Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Nails Of The Day - Essie's Bikini So Teeny

Here it is, my favourite nail varnish for this Summer! I know, it came out in Essie's Summer collection last year but I have only managed to get it this year, and I absolutely love it.

I managed to pick up a really good deal with this and actually got it for only £1.99 on Fragrance Direct along with a few other polishes by the same brand. 

The colour you are looking at is Essie's Bikini So Teeny. It is a gorgeous sky blue colour and is even nicer in person than in the photos. I'm not a big fan of super bright colours (unless they're pink), but I thought this was really nice and could really brighten up any outfit. 
The consistency of the polish is also really smooth and it can be applied really easy. It's one of those polishes that I never make a mistake with, which is a big plus in my books. It also stayed on very well, and didn't really chip. The main photograph of me holding the polish shows my nails 2 days after applying the polish, and as you can see, there's only a few little chips, but its pretty perfect otherwise.
I highly recommend anyone to try this nail polish if they see it, and also to check out Fragrance Direct for Essie nail polishes as they are super cheap! They also ship worldwide so this isn't just for my UK readers!
What are you wearing on your nails this summer?

Thursday, 13 June 2013

May Favourites

This is my first favourites post in months, and it's a bit late, but here it is! It's been hard trying to figure out what my favourites where during the month of may and what is going to be part of my June favourites, but this is what I remember.
Firstly, I'll start with my eye favourites of the month. I'm still using my beloved Make Up For Ever smoky lash mascara, so I haven't included it as I've mentioned it before. It'll have ran out soon though, so maybe a new one will make an appearance! The Maybelline 24 Hour Colour Tattoo's  have been a firm favourite with me throughout May and I literally used these two every single day. The first one I got in Superdrug and it is called Pink Gold, I'm not completely sure what it's named in the US but it's a lovely rose gold shadow. The second is one I picked up last year when I was in California and is called Pomegranate Punk. I've never seen this one in any of my shops so unfortunately I don't think it's available to anyone in the UK, which is such a shame as it's a gorgeous dark red/purple shadow.
Next is my lip favourites, and lip products are my ultimate favourite! I picked up this MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner last year in Petting Pink, used it only a few times, and then forgot about it for a while. After my Baby Lips lip balm got ran over by a car a few months ago, I needed to find a replacement, and this has been it! It's been amazing at keeping my lips soft and moisturised, and I also love the little bit of pink colour it gives. Second, is another product from the same brand, and is the MAC Daddy's Little Girl lipstick from the Archie's Girls collection. I've done a separate post on this if you'd like to take a look by clicking here.

My nail polish favourite for the month has been Essie's Bikini So Teeny which I'm sure plenty of you know all about. It is a bright sky blue nail polish and is perfect for Summer. My favourite scent has been Victoria's Secret Such A Flirt, and I'm almost finished this bottle. It contains starfruit and white orchid if you'd like to imagine how it smells, as I doubt I'll be able to explain! My final favourite for make up is again, another MAC product, and is the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish. I've never been one to use powder, but for all of May, and now again in June I've added it to my daily make up routine and have found it really helps in keeping my make up on throughout the day. My shade is light if you're interested.

Finally, a random favourite, and is one I've never been able to find in the UK! It's a Luna bar, and my favourite has been White Chocolate Macadamia. I bought these last year while I was away, and loved them, so of course I had to buy a few more while I was in Ohio, and I still love them!
What have your favourites been in May? Have you done a post? If so, let me know so I can read it!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

May Birchbox

Well, well, well, it definitely has been a while! As you know I was in Ohio for two weeks and so this is why I've abandoned my blog. Hopefully now ill be back to regular posting (hopefully). I signed up to Birchbox a few months ago and currently am now onto my third box. I did have photos of the first two boxes but then unfortunately never got around to actually posting about them!
Firstly, if you don't know what a Birchbox is, it's been around in the US now for quite a while, but only actually reached the UK at the start of this year, and was previously referred to as Joliebox. It is a monthly beauty box which contains samples, and some full size products which are matched to your profile. As I have quite dry skin I have had quite a few face moisturisers sent out which I have been absolutely loving!
This month I received four products, and two extras which was nice. The first product is my absolute favourite, and it's the Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser. I have used this every night since I got my box (which I only got to open last Sunday as I was away when it arrived) but it has worked really well. I don't know if its because of this product but the tone if my skin seems to have really improved and evened itself out. It smells quite like Turkish delight, because it contains rosa water, and its made my skin so super soft. It retails at £42 which I think is pretty pricey but as it seems to be working so well I may have to buy it. 

Next is the B/Attitude Body Soufflé, which I haven't actually tried yet. My first impression is that it looks really rich and moisturising and may lead to soft skin. I don't regularly moisturise however as I naturally have quite soft skin everywhere apart from my face, and I don't want to start messing with it! If I end up loving it you all will be the first to hear!

Another product was a mini OPI nail polish. As someone who is a huge fan of the brand, I was very happy to find this in my box, and in one of my favourite nail colours, pink! It's a lovely shade, but the only downside was they never included what colour it was, so if I decide I want to buy the full size it's going to be a problem.

Finally is a lipgloss by Make Believe. It is called Enhance and is a shimmer lip gloss. It seems okay but I prefer a bit more colour in my lipgloss instead of just shimmer. It reminds of a lipgloss I would use when I was younger and excited to be putting any form of make up on. It does have a nice fruity scent though. 


One of the extras was a Doctor Duve Anti-Aging & Firming Eye Cream. This was actually two sachets worth which was pretty good as it actually gives you a chance to try the product twice to give you a better idea. Another one I haven't used yet but I may try it tonight and see.


Finally, the second extra was a Kusmi Tea,  a Detox Tea to be exact. It contains green tea and lemon grass which sounds like it could be good... If you're into that. I'm not a huge fan of tea so I don't know if I'll like it but ill give it a go! 

If you'd like to try a Birchbox simply visit www.birchbox.co.uk or www.birchbox.com to sign up. There are packages if you'd like to pay for it in bulk, but I currently pay it monthly at £10 plus p&p.
I've heard quite a few people complain about the samples in beauty boxes but I've been pretty happy with mine so far.
Have you tried a beauty box before? If so, please let me know what you thought and which is your favourite!