Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Lush - Fair Trade Honey Shampoo Review

As promised, here's a review of the Fair Trade Honey Shampoo that I purchased at the launch night of the new range. If you want to know how that went you can check it out here.

So if you read my post on this you'll know that when I bought this I didn't exactly have the highest of expectations on what it would be like, and I bought it because the honey as an ingredient appealed to me. However, I was actually pleasantly surprised and since I bought this I haven't used any of my shampoo bars!

Very easy to use, but I'll explain anyway. Just put a small amount in your hand (you really don't need that much), massage through your hair, and then rinse.

When I explain the scent a lot of you are probably going to think I'm crazy, as I'm starting to believe that I'm the only one that can smell all these different scents. Firstly, I can smell honey, of course. Then when I sniffed more I could start to smell Turkish Delight, actual Turkish Delight, not the one that's covered in chocolate. Finally, I think it smells like cold tea! This was from using it and massaging through my hair, not from just smelling the bottle. As insane as these three scents sound together, I actually like the scent it leaves on my hair! I'm also going to accept the fact that I'm probably just crazy and no one else is going to notice any of these things...

As with a few other Lush hair products I've tried, I wasn't really convinced that this was anything fantastic when I washed my hair with it. However, once I dried my hair it felt amazing. My hair was so soft and smooth, and I'd actually describe it as feeling like silk. I have quite dry hair from having my hair dyed and highlighted so many times over the years, so it's not in the best condition. This however, made my hair feel amazing from the first use, and after using it a good few times now, I can definitely tell that it's really helping the condition of my hair.

Pros :
  • Leaves a lovely perfumed scent in hair with honey without being overpowering.
  • Great for those with dry, coloured hair.
  • Leaves hair feeling silky smooth.
  • All bottles can be returned to Lush to be recycled.
Cons :
  • I really want to say nothing, because honestly I adore this shampoo, but I can see the price being too much for some people as it is £7.00 for a 110g bottle, compared to the £5.25 shampoo bars.
Overall, I can't recommend this shampoo enough. I can see my shampoo bars being set aside for a good while now because I love this product so much, and if you've followed my blog for a while, you'll know how much I love my shampoo bars! Trust me on this, you should definitely check this shampoo out if you get a chance.

Have you tried this Lush product? If yes, what did you think of it? Am I the only one being crazy with the scents?!


  1. wow i wanna buy this shampoo.
    here in Korea it costs a lot. maybe twice as UK.
    I am gonna buy directly thru^^
    thanks for your review!:)


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