Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Nails Of The Day - OPI Live And Let Die

Firstly, I'd like to apologise for my absence for the past few days. I know it really hasn't been that long, but when you check your blogs everyday, a few days feels like weeks! I decided to do a quick post on my current nails,  but I have a lot more interesting posts to come up soon, including my 2012 favourites (so late, I know) and a few Lush reviews.

My current nail polish is from OPI's James Bond collection which I had been lusting over for months. I had a list of shades that I wanted to pick up when I was in New York, but we couldn't find them anywhere! Eventually I found a mini set on ASOS, and I bought this at the start of last month. However, I couldn't mention it at all, as my friend who reads this blog received the set as a gift from me and I didn't want her to suspect anything. There's four colours in the set, but I'll review the set separately, and just talk about my current polish for now.

I firstly decided to use Live and Let Die as it was such a gorgeous colour and it was the one I had wanted most.

At first look, it looks like this polish is just plain black, but in the light you can see little flecks of a gold and very, very slightly dark green glitter. As you may know, I love glitter, so naturally I loved this. As with nearly all OPI polishes, this went on very smoothly, although I found I had to dip the brush into the pot a lot more since it was mini.

This polish is very easy to remove, for a glitter polish, and I found that only a few swipes with a nail varnish remover soaked cotton pad took it all right off.

What polish is currently on your nails? I hope you're all having a lovely evening/day depending on your time zone!


  1. very pretty! Can't wait to see your upcoming Lush reviews :)

  2. I love painted nails, this colour is lovely!
    I like to wear nail wraps, it saves me so much time hahaha!

    Lots of love, Catherine x


  3. Hey Melissa! I have those and I flipping love it! So difficult to photograph though. SUch a gorge polish.
    S xx


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