Monday, 21 January 2013

The Best Of 2012

Finally, it's here! My beauty favourites of 2012. I attempted to upload this post yesterday but blogger and I were having issues adding my photographs, and we all know a post isn't as fun without something nice to look at!

I'll start with my hair favourites first. I've been loving this for a few years now, so it's definitely making an appearance. It's the Batiste Dry Shampoo in Blush. I do like some of the other scents, and I usually stand and sniff them all to see which one I fancy, but recently I've always been going for this scent. I'd really like to try a few other brands of dry shampoo this year, just so I can see which is best, so I'd love for you all to let me know which is your favourite!

Next is another firm favourite in the beauty world, Moroccan Oil. I purchased this from BuyaPowa during the Summer and have used it every single time I've washed my hair and I love it. It makes my hair so silky smooth  and it smells delicious.

Although not featured in my photograph, you're all probably wondering where my Lush shampoo is. That's because I currently have no shampoo bars as I'm using my bottle of Fair Trade Honey from Lush. It's another shampoo I love, but the solid shampoo bars are my favourite, and it's a toss up between Karma and Jumping Juniper.

Shock horror! It's Urban Decay's Naked Palette. I absolutely adore this and I think I'll probably repurchase it once I finish up my favourite colours. I used this every day for months, and it's worked it's way back into my daily routine again.

Urban Decay's Ink For Eyes has been my favourite eyeliner for the year, and I don't actually think they sell it anymore as I haven't seen it in a while. This is a gel eyeliner which comes with a little brush to apply it to your eyes, and it's literally lasted me all year.

This mascara has it's own post because I love it so much, and you can read it by clicking here. FAIRYDROPS has been my favourite mascara since I got the little trial size version in my LashStash collection from Sephora last Christmas. It makes my short, invisible eyelashes super long and it's perfect for me.

One of my absolute favourites of the whole year has been my Mac Pro Longwear Concealer. I thought I'd already written a review on this, but a quick skim through my blog suggests otherwise. I will definitely put one of these up! I'm currently on my third bottle of this since discovering it during the Summer. It gives excellent coverage and I almost use it as a foundation.

Speaking of foundation, after trying a few throughout the year, my favourite has been Chanel's Perfection Lumiere. I had been wanting to try one of the Chanel foundations for months before I finally decided to give it a chance and this is my second bottle. It's the exact same colour as my skin and gives great buildable coverage. If anyone wants a review on this, just let me know!

I literally finished this last week and loved it. It's my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream. I got this as a present during the Summer and have used it every day, and it lasted me such a long time for such a small bottle. This helped smooth my skin before applying my foundation and after using it once, I couldn't go back to applying make up without it.

Another item I loved so much, it got it's own review which you can read here. I don't know how I ever applied my make up without my Real Techniques Stippling Brush. I really could never go back to not using it as it applies my foundation so well and leaves such a nice finish.

I was very careful to keep my lip favourites down, as I could really go overboard with this.

Firstly is my Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub. I think I'm currently on my third tub of this, and I love it so much that sometimes I just like to eat it. Obviously it has it's own blog post if you want a proper review. Click here!

The Revlon Lip Butter's where a huge hit this year, and I got my hands on quite a few, especially with numerous visits into Boots waiting patiently for them to appear on the shelves. I love all of them, but my favourite has to be Berry Smoothie. They're super moisturising and come in some lovely colours.

This was a hard choice with the EOS lipbalms giving some stiff competition, but I decided that the Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm's where my favourite lip balms of the year. Pictured is a brand new one which I haven't tried yet, but I'm currently on my third one and I still can't decide which colour I like best.

For lipstick, I'm choosing Mac Creme Cup which is another product I've reviewed separately. You can read that by clicking here. It's such a nice nude/peachy pink colour and it's also quite moisturising too which is a big bonus!

None of you will be surprised when you see my top three choices in nail polishes, and of course they're American brands.

Firstly is my Jag-u-are nail polish from Essie. This was used largely in the winter months, and you'll have seen it in a few of my Nail of the Day posts around Christmas time.

Another Essie polish, and this time it's Fun in the Gondola. I think I would choose this as my number one nail polish for the year, and I actually have it on my nails right now. It's the exact same colour in the bottle as my Creme Cup lipstick!

Finally, it's Rainbow in the S-Kylie from OPI's Kardashian Collection. I bought this at the start of last year and ended up buying a second bottle during the year just in case I ran out because I loved it that much. I said in a previous post I loved it that much I would give it it's own post, and that is still to come!

That's it for my 2012 favourites, 21 days late, but it's finally up! I'm so excited to try lots of new products throughout this year so if you have any recommendations for me please, please let me know!


  1. I love these picks, I really want to try the Fairydrops mascara now!

  2. Love Batiste! Discovered it when I was in the UK, so I made sure to bring some back with me! So far, the only place I know of that I can get it here is from Urban Outfitters.

    1. Really? We get it everywhere here! I couldn't survive without it because I hate the feel of my hair being even slightly dirty!

  3. Great favorites, Melissa! I still want to get my hands on Creme Cup! :) I recently got Batiste Dry Shampoo but I'm not sure if I'm using it right haha! :D The FAIRDROPS mascara has the prettiest casing ever!

    1. You definitely need to get Creme Cup. I love it so much :) Haha, why don't you think you're using the dry shampoo right? I actually love mine so much! I know, it's such a good mascara too :)

  4. Great picks you have! I've wanted to try the Batiste Dry Shampoo, I just haven't yet. I need to get around to it!

    1. You definitely need to try it! I love mine :)

  5. Love your picks! The urban decay naked I think is consistently good!


  6. Love this post! I'm a fan of the Naked Palette too!

    Ali xo

  7. I haven't tried any 'Naked' products yet, but they look really good and seem to have great reviews.
    Think I am going to give them a try after reading this blog post. Such a cute blog!

    Daniela (new fan) -


  8. I bought the Naked Palette this week and I am so pleased with it! I think if I could only have one eyeshadow palette for the rest of my life this would be... a little dramatic I guess, but that's just to say how much I adore it! Love your blog! Check mine out if you like!

  9. so many lovely choices! have always wanted to try creme cup & i still need to get my hands on a maybelline baby lips ^_^ xx

  10. I've heard such good things about Fairydrops! I'll have to pick it up. Great favorites!

    Loving your blog, just stumbled upon it :)


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