Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Beauty Balm

Another product I've been meaning to blog about for ages, my much loved Dr Jart+ Water Fuse BB Cream. I always used a moisturiser on my skin, and then for a while I tried out Benefit's That Gal primer. When I ran out, I moved over to trying BB (Beauty Balm) creams, and first started with Maybelline Dream Fresh. However, I decided I wanted to spend a bit more on my next one, and choose to try out one from the Dr Jart + range.

There is quite a range of different BB creams to choose from, and for my first attempt I decided to go with the Water Fuse. This sounded like it would be more moisturising for my very dry skin, and promised to give me fresh and natural looking skin.

To use, apply a small amount to your fingertips. The amount I have pictured may even be too much for you, as some days I definitely don't even need this amount. Then, blend over your skin. The BB cream will even out your skin tone and give a nice glow. I highly, highly recommend this product as even after the first use I noticed my skin felt immediately hydrated and was much softer. Unlike the Maybelline that I tried, this actually gave me coverage, and I love this as I have quite red skin. I would definitely say that this could be worn in replacement of foundation and concealer, but unfortunately as I don't like my skin, I don't think I'd be brave enough for this!

Another aspect I love is that it has SPF25 in it, and as everyone should always wear some form of sunscreen, this makes it a lot easier to remember.

I have been using this since January and still have quite a lot left, and I use it every single day. At £18 you may think it's expensive, but I think it's worth it. Whenever this one has ran out I'd like to give the regenerating one a try, so if you've used it before, please let me know what you thought.

If you'd like to know where to buy this product, you can find it in Boots priced at £18, although it is currently on sale at £12! If you're in the US I believe Sephora stocks it and is $34.

Have you used any of the Dr Jart+ BB Creams?


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