Saturday, 13 April 2013

MAC - Archie's Girls Veronica Lipstick - Daddy's Little Girl

I can't believe I'm only posting about this now, I bought this 4 weeks ago! I have absolutely been loving this lipstick and have been wearing it any chance I get.

This lipstick is from the Archie's Girls collection at MAC. I had been reading so many posts from US bloggers on this collection and I was so excited when it finally came to the UK. I had decided I was only going to let myself buy one product as I really need to be saving and it was a choice between this shade and Ronnie Red. As I already have quite a lot of reds I thought this was quite different.

For a start, I love the packaging, I wasn't quite sure on it when I first saw it online but it's grown on me and I find it very cute. It's very bright and colourful compared to MAC's usual packaging.

The colour itself is completely gorgeous and I think it suits my colouring quite well. At first look at the lipstick itself it looks like its quite dark and very purple, but when applied its got a lot of pink to it and is nice and bright.

As my lips have been quite dry I've been applying a lip balm underneath and this adds a nice bit of shine to the colour. It is a very build able lipstick and you can make it as bright as you'd like. It lasts quite a while too and I don't need to apply it as often as I would with other lip products.

Did you get a chance to try anything from this collection? Has anyone got their hands on anything from the Hayley Williams range at MAC? I've been dying to try some of these out!


  1. I didn't get anything from this collection because it was all sold out by the time I realized I wanted something! This color is so gorgeous on you! It looks a little daunting in the tube but swatched and on the lips it's such a lovely color for spring :)

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  2. this is gorgeous colour, the balm underneath adds a lovely sheen!xx

    vintageteapot/ fashion, beauty & life

  3. oooh I've got this and I love it!
    I got the Hayley Williams lipstick but I'm not too sure on it now :/
    My blog – Cosmetics, clothes and cute things (:

  4. This lipstick is beautiful! I really wanted a MAC lipstick from this range, but my nearest store is in Belfast which is a bit far just for a lipstick! x


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