Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lush - The Hair Doctor review

The Hair Doctor

Around 3/4 weeks ago I made a few purchases from Lush, and one of them was called The Hair Doctor. I have quite dry hair from dying and bleaching it for so many years so I'm always on the look out for hair products that will make my hair softer and in better condition. Everytime I get paid I like to go and make some purchases at Lush and I always look online and write a list first of what I want to buy. I checked out all the hair treatments they had available and this seemed to be the best one (and also a pretty good price). I decided to finally use it tonight for the first time, and I was very glad I did. It was also about to expire so I was lucky I checked it! When I was in the shop the girl told me to treat it as a dairy product because of the ingredients that were in it and to keep it in the fridge and that this was why it had an expiry date. The instructions on the tub said to put it on to dry hair and leave for 20 minutes. I had planned on using only about half the tub, but since I wouldnt be able to use it after today I ended up using the whole thing. As soon as I put it on my head I could smell the mint scent coming through straight away. It's a really nice smell and it's still there now after washing my hair. It took about 10 minutes to put it on my whole head and it's really heavy on your head when you've finished. After around 20 minutes I went up to wash it off. It's really thick and takes a while to wash out of your hair, and you have to use shampoo and conditioner afterwards as normal. I used the Karma shampoo bar from Lush and then the Glad Hair Day conditioner from Soap & Glory and I think they all worked well together. After washing it out of my hair and drying it my hair feels super clean. I think using it got rid of all the product build up that seemed to be in my hair and my hair feels much lighter. The peppermint in it is also supposed to be very good for your scalp if it's itchy. This isn't a problem I ever have, but I feel like my scalp feels really healthy after using it. As for helping with dry hair, I don't think it has on the ends, but it made my hair feel very smooth, and got rid of some of the frizz which means I could probably get away with not straightening it if I wanted to, since that's the only reason I straighten my hair.

Pros -
  • Inexpensive (compared to other ones in Lush)
  • Nice peppermint scent that lingers
  • Clears up product build up
  • Gives that squeaky clean feeling
Cons -
  • Didn't quite do what I wanted, which was softer ends, but it did make the top of my hair nice and soft.
All in all, a good product, and for £6.50 a tub, I think it was worth it, and I know that I could get two uses out of it if I wanted to. I'll be buying it again on my next pay day :)

Also, don't forget to save your tubs from Lush. Bring back 5 and they give you a free fresh face mask!

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