Thursday, 28 June 2012

Summer To Do List

I decided to make a to do list for Summer as I keep forgetting the things I need/want to do, so I decided I would do what I love and make a list for it!

  1. Watch all the DVDS in my bookcase that I've never seen (ha.)
  2. Read the books that are piling up unread (ha again.)
  3. Clear out my room.
  4. Organise all my make up.
  5. Make some money from ebay selling old clothes, aka. clear out my wardrobe.
  6. Go to the gym!
  7. Attempt some of the recipes that I've been wanting to try for ages and haven't had the time to do.
I have a ridiculous amount of dvds to watch so I'm going to really try and get through that. I might try just starting at the top and working my way down (all my dvds are in alphabetical order). I'll post up a list of all the ones that I've to watch and then cross them off as I watch them, and the same with my books.

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