Tuesday, 28 August 2012

10 Day "You" Challenge - Day 9

Almost at the end of my 10 day "you" challenge, and I'm glad I've actually stuck to it, fingers crossed tomorrow's post goes up on time too! Today's challenge is two songs, and I'm not too sure how to approach this. My favourite songs change a lot so this is quite difficult for me...

Song 1 - Muse - Knights of Cydonia. I'm choosing this song because whenever I heard it live, and every time I've listened to it after that, it gives me shivers. It's not one of my favourite Muse songs, I do love it, but it's not my favourite, it's just one of my most memorable songs concert wise, and I love to listen to it for this reason. I need to see them again!

Song 2 - Radiohead - Videotape. The reason I'm choosing this is completely and utterly depressing, but if I die this is the song I want played at my funeral. Make note! I absolutely love Radiohead, and my favourite songs include High & Dry, Karma Police, Creep and Street Spirit. I am aware these are all part of their most popular songs, but these are my favourites!

These are two random choices that I've made because I can't choose my two favourite songs as they're ever changing. Currently I can't stop listening to Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. As you can see I have quite a varied music taste!

I want to thank everyone for your movie suggestions yesterday, and would like to know of any song suggestions from you now!


  1. I love Videotape so much. When I saw them at Leeds they played this and I cried! Such a good song :) xx

  2. Okay that Radiohead song was so sad)': But I get it, sometimes the favorites are the ones that make you feel something):

    I suggest The Black Keys! I think you'll like them ... maybe. They are very old sounding band (two dudes) with like a modern twist. :) One more post to go! :D


    1. It's so sad! I love it though, sad songs are my favourites sometimes. I saw The Black Keys last week! They were the support for Foo Fighters at the mini festival I went too :)


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