Saturday, 4 August 2012

July favourites

This is my first time doing a favourites post and I've been really looking forward to it! I just made my own little categories...

Firstly, we'll start with TV. My favourite programme this month has been Girls. Everything is on a break for Summer so I had to start watching something online, and after watching the first episode of the series on the plane on the way home from my holiday, I decided I really liked it and would watch the rest. It's not a very long series so I'll be finished it pretty soon.

If you follow my blog, this won't come as a surprise to you, but my favourite book or books have been the Hunger Games series this month. So good, and I was addicted to them. Really wish there was a fourth book!

Shocker, but my favourite lip product this month has been my Passionate lipgloss from the Emotional Brilliance collection from Lush. As well as that, I've also been really loving the Strawberry Shortcake Revlon Lip Butter. Such a pretty colour.

My favourite nail polish this month has been OPI's Teenage Dream. It's a nice colour by itself, but I've much preferred using it over the top of other shades. I'll have a review of it up soon.

Scent wise, I've been loving a Victoria's Secret Mist, in the scent True Escape. The bottle says it is Solar Jasmine and Pomelo if that helps explain how it smells! I definitely recommend trying it out if you're in a store.

Quite a recent purchase was Moroccan Oil that I bought from BuyaPowa (I have a review of their service a few posts down if you'd like to know more about them). I've only used it a handful of times but I love it already! It's made such a difference to my hair and I wish I had bought it sooner. Review for that is ready to come up sometime this week!

Little food favourite of the month has been Kinder bars. I lovee all Kinder chocolate, and I love these because they're so small so I can just eat one if I feel like I need some chocolate.


  1. Kinder chocolate! *-*

  2. I love kinder chocolate! So delicious :)

  3. ooooo la la i didnt know lush made lip glosses. i have to go there and get one- i love lush! xoxo

    1. You definitely need to go and check them out :) I love mine!xo

  4. Now I have your button on my blog also


  5. ahh i love your favourites, such a nice mix of things! i've always wanted to try some of the victoria's secret products but i don't think we have any here, booo. kinder is so yummy! and i also really want to read the hunger games books some time, as well as watch girls. you have great taste :) x

    1. There's a Victoria's Secret opening in London soon/now, you could try there if you've ever there! You need to read the hunger games and watch girls, both great :) x


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