Monday, 20 August 2012

10 Day "You" Challenge!

I've read two people today start this challenge so of course I wanted to join in, I love little tags like this! 
I'll try my very best to post these every day, and if not every day, every other day! Without further ado we'll do todays which is ten secrets.

Secret 1 : I like to collect things, DVDs, magazines, Victoria's Secret sprays...anything! I then like to keep them in order. My DVDs are obviously in alphabetical order, but also have a Christmas section, and an anime section. My magazines are in date order.

Secret 2 : I have to put loads of lipbalm on before I go to bed, and hand cream, or else I feel like I can't settle.

Secret 3 : I have to feel like a glass is clean before I can use it. I'll put it under the water and wash it out and then shake it clean until I feel like it's okay to use. I don't like to dry them because I feel like it makes it dirty again. I'm such a wierdo!

Secret 4 : I very rarely buy anything skincare related, or an expensive beauty product without doing a lot of research on it first to see what other people think.

Secret 5 : I've still only read 2 books of my Summer reading list and it's the 20th August...

Secret 6 : No one is allowed to watch any of my DVDs that are still in the plastic until I've watched them first because I like to open the wrapping.

Secret 7 : I'm convinced that anyone I see out early in the morning when I'm walking to work is out to get me, and if theres more than one person (when they aren't together), that they secretly are together and have some sort of plan to capture me. Walking your dog at 6am is not acceptable.

Secret 8 : If I ever check my bank balance online and I've been on my laptop for a while (or even just for 5 minutes), I have to close down all the tabs and internet pages, load a new one to go on and check, then close it down when I'm done, and open a new one to go on to my next website.

Secret 9 : Getting parcels and post is one of my favourite things, even if it's just something stupid and not important.

Secret 10 : I have to prepare myself to make phonecalls to people I don't ring often because I hate them that much and get scared that something unexpected is going to happen and I won't know how to answer it. I'd rather walk down to the hairdressers and make an appointment than actually ring because I feel like I'm more prepared in person.

I almost feel like I shouldn't publish this because it actually me sound like a complete and utter nut with some of the things I said! I actually do the strangest of things and have the weirdest of habits.

I tag everyone to do this!


  1. 4, 9, & 10! I completely agree with and relate with! Getting parcels are the absolute best and 10x funner when you know it's beauty related haha! I'm glad you posted this and are doing the challenge! Very honest :D

    1. Haha yay, I'm glad someone relates to some of my secrets. I love doing challenges like this :) Definitely the best when it's beauty related!

  2. haha awww secret 7, i love it! and i couldn't agree more about getting packages, one of the best feelings! thanks for this little insight into your mind :) x

    1. Haha, you're welcome. People may think I have went slightly crazy :) x

  3. I included receiving parcels in my challenge too! It's so nice to get mail. Also, I totally agree with you on number ten. I psych myself out so bad when I have to make a phone call. I'd much rather do it in person, but even then I still have to prepare myself a little :)


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