Monday, 10 September 2012

FAIRYDROPS - Scandal Queen Mascara Review

I've been promising this review for a while, so it's finally here! This has been my favourite mascara this year. I got the trial size from the LashStash collection from Sephora at Christmas time and haven't wanted another mascara since. As we don't have a Sephora in my country, I had to buy this last time I was away, so unfortunately, this isn't available to my UK readers! (unless you try eBay)

The colour of my mascara is 'Deep Glossy Black'. As far as I'm aware, there isn't another colour available, but this isn't a problem for me as I only wear black mascara, and I love one that's really dark.

I love the brush on this. The wand itself is really long which I love as I have a habit of getting mascara on my face when it's a really short. The brush itself is curved with three little bumps in it, which is great for making sure you catch every lash and get the inner corner of your eye.

This is a photograph of my eyelashes with absolutely nothing on them. I naturally have very, very short, straight eyelashes which are very light. As you can see, it actually looks like I have no bottom eyelashes they're that light. Please ignore my eyebrows in all of these photos!

This is my eyes with just one coat of mascara on. As you can see, my eyelashes look so much longer, and you can actually see the ones on the bottom! This may not look that long to some people, but if you compare it the photograph above, they're much longer!

The mascara has really good staying power and stays on all day until I'm ready to take it off at night. The mascara is also water and sweat resistant, which is what I look for in a mascara. My eyes constantly water all the time as soon as I go outside so my mascara just runs off, and they don't budge with this.

At $24, it's quite a pricey mascara, but it's one of those products where I'm willing to pay extra for if it's good. To anyone with eyelashes similar to mine, I highly recommend this.

You can look at the FAIRYDROPS mascara on Sephora here.

If you have any questions on anything I haven't covered above, please comment below and let me know!

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