Thursday, 27 September 2012

MAC - Neo Nebula Mineralize Eye Shadow

I bought this eyeshadow a few weeks ago and have been meaning to blog about it for ages. I had been looking at the new mineralize eye shadows from MAC for a while so I decided to finally purchase one.

There's three different colours swirled into this one. The first one is a nice pale shimmery colour that's great for the inner corner. Next is a dusty pink, although looks darker in the pot. Finally, there's a darker plum colour, perfect for this season.

When I went to the counter I had a look around, with a few shadows already in mind. I decided however, to ask the woman who worked there which one she thought would work  best with my eye colour. My eyes are green, sometimes with a bit of blue in them, and once even a hazel colour. They like to change! She picked out Neo Nebula for me, which I was very happy with as this had been one of the ones I had been eyeing.

The photograph shown above is from my very first time using it, when I just swirled all the colours together into one. It came out this lovely dusty pink colour. I've used it pretty much everyday since (sorry Naked palette!) and now I use each colour individually as I love that it's three colours in one.

This is a lovely eyeshadow for everyday use, and that's what I love about it. When I asked at the counter I said I wanted it to wear everyday, and that's exactly what it's been used for. It's not too bright, and has a nice shimmer to it.

Has anyone used any of the other mineralize eye shadows from MAC that they would like to recommend? They're my favourites!


  1. wow i love that colour! I've tried their mineralize blushes and love them but i've never tried the eyeshadow, it looks gorgeous!
    Beauty by T

  2. oooh this looks so nice! i love shadows with a little bit of shimmer. it really suits your eye colour :) xx


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