Tuesday, 30 October 2012

I ♡ Fall Tag

I've been watching all these videos on YouTube and I've been dying to do it myself so whenever I saw that the lovely Claire at J'adore had done it, I had to do it right away!

1. Favourite fall lip product?
I don't have anything in particular which I use every year, but at the moment I absolutely love my Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. I carry it around with me every wear because my lips are permanently dry and chapped.

2. Favourite fall nail polish?
I am still absolutely loving my Essie Fun in the Gondola nail polish. It's been what I've wore all month, and I'm not ready to try anything else yet for a while! Usually I prefer darker colours in purple or navy, but I love this blush pink colour!

3. Favourite Starbucks fall drink?
I want to say hands down, Pumpkin Spice Latte, but after getting to try the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate, we may have a bit of competition in this battle as it is delicious.

4. Favourite fall candle?
Toss up between Bath & Bodyworks Leaves and Pumpkin Caramel Latte. Why am I so indecisive with my Fall favourites? I can't seem to have just one! Both smell so good, I think if I could really only have one, I'd choose the second, I actually want to eat it.

5. Favourite fall scarf or accessory?
Scarves! I absolutely love the one I bought in Forever 21 last year and I wear it most days, I'm actually wearing it right now as I'm waiting to go into town to go and see the Belfast Giants (Ice Hockey), and it's freezing outside today! I also love wearing nice boots too.

6. Haunted house, haunted hay ride or haunted corn maze?
We don't have the last two, and I'm actually going to say none because I hate anything even remotely scary. If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I'm pretty much afraid of my own shadow and convinced that someone is going to get me!
7. Favourite Halloween movie?
As I said above, nothing scary for me. My favourites are Hocus Pocus, Casper and The Nightmare Before Christmas (which I watched last night, and I still can't believe that some people haven't seen this movie!). TNBC is my transition film, going into Christmas movie season which starts on 1st November for me. So excited!
8. Favourite candy to eat on Halloween?
I don't think we really get anything special for Halloween, just the same sweets in different shapes. I quite like the little Nestle chocolate pumpkins that I've seen about this year.
9. What are you dressing up as for Halloween?
I haven't dressed up in years, as much as I'd love to. I can't decide what I'd be this year if I was going to dress up. I'd love to go all out and put lots of effort into planning every last detail of it though, I love seeing peoples costumes.

10. What is your favourite thing about fall?
Most definitely the colour changing, crunchy leaves. They are so pretty, and every morning I've woke up this Autumn and there's been lots of leaves on the ground, it's put me in such a good mood for the day. I also love getting all cosy at night with a blanket around me, watching a film, and eating some nice food with hot chocolate.

I tag everyone to do this. I love seeing other people's answers to these types of questions as it gives me new ideas of things to try.


  1. I love the Nightmare before Christmas! I just love Tim Burton films full stop! :) x

  2. I was talking to my mom on the phone today and out of no where she was like, "who's baby lips are these?" and I was so confused. I think you may have just solved the mystery. haha

    and I was rocking scarves all summer long. I'm so excited I can wear them without dying of heat. :)

    Thanks for the comment on my guest post today. Stoked to meet you annnnnnd now I'm following you. :)


    1. Haha, I love scarves so much all year round, I wore my winter one a few times in Summer too. It's cold here sometimes though during Summer so I think it's prefectly acceptable! x

  3. I really want to try the pumpkin spiced latte but we don't have a Starbucks nearby :( I wonder if Costa do something similar?! I'm really into scarves to and can't stop buying them!

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Your blog is fab, I really like tour OOTD posts :) I'm following you too now xx

    1. I would hate not to have a Starbucks close by :( I love it so much. I don't have one that I can visit all day, but I get them every time I'm in town. I think Costa will probably do something similar, or maybe a local coffee shop!

      You're welcome! & thanks for following me too! x

  4. I love the Pumpkin Spiced Latte and think there is no competition between the two, haha! I wish I could have dressed up as a mermaid this year, but there was no parties or anything to go to! Loved reading this :)


    1. Haha, I think I was having a bit of an indecisive day, I think it's definitely the winner! You should just dress up as a mermiad and do a little blog post for us on it :)

  5. This is one of my favorite tags!
    I did this tag as well on my blog and on my youtube channel!

    1. Very nice, I'll go and check that out! :)


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