Friday, 12 October 2012

New York Film List

I just posted a page on my blog with a New York film list, and I don't know if this comes up for everyone when they're looking at their latest blog posts, and I want everyone to see it so I just want to double check!

Anyway, I just posted a page with a list of films that are featured in New York. I've explained more on the page itself why I've done this, but I've asked for suggestions from you all so that I can watch them, so please let me know if there's more you can add to my list!

Also, can someone tell me how pages work? Do people only notice them if you go on to someones blog and look, or do they come up on your recently posted page?


  1. I left a few suggestions for you :)

    Also, pages don't get come up on people's reading lists. Either people notice them or they don't I'm afraid!

  2. If there are any questions you need help with that Miss H can't answer, just ask me! I'd be glad to at least try. :) I love your blog oh-so-much; it's got serious potentional to be huge. I nominated it for an award! Please head on over to my blog and take a look at what you need to do. It shouldn't take too, too long.

    Brani Laine


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