Friday, 20 April 2012

Lush - Tea Tree Toner Tabs Review

I've been using these for a few months now and find they work really well. I had bought one a few years ago and tried it once and then forgot about it. Since I've got really into my Lush products over the past few months I decided to give them a go again. After buying one again, I've since bought a few each time I go in so that I have enough to do me until my next trip.

They're really simple to use, and the people in Lush will explain to you what to do if you're unsure. Firstly I boil the kettle and bring it to the sink. If there is hot water already I will fill part of the sink with that water and then top it up with the freshly boiled water. If not, then I'll just fill the whole sink with the kettle of water. I'll fill it up until it's about half full. Next I'll drop the Tea Tree Toner Tab into the water and let it fizz around until it's completely dissolved. I'll have a towel waiting for me to cover my head and the taps so that the steam won't escape from the sink. I'll then lean my face right over the water, keeping it as close as possible so that all the steam hits my face. I'll set a timer on my phone for 5 minutes and sit there until it's done. The steam is really hot and can be slightly unbearable, but you should keep sitting there as it starts to cool down quite fast. After the timer goes off, I sit up, and using some cotton pads that I will have left sitting beside the sink, I dip them into the water and clean my face and neck with the tea tree water that is left. This removes all the dirt from your skin as the steam has opened up all your pores. The first time I used one I couldn't believe the amount of make up that there was still left on my skin after cleaning it, and since then it's never been the same as I always make sure my skin is completely clean at night.

After using, my skin feels super soft and smooth and I love the clean feeling that it gives me. If I have any spots and use this, the next morning when I wake up I can see that they have started to fade.

What I like about the toner tab is that it can be used on more than one person. My two sisters share it with me when I'm finished. We'll reboil the kettle, and once I'm done, just top up the water again to create steam and then they will sit there for 5 minutes each and clean their face. I've also heard that you can reuse the water if you put it into a spray bottle and simply spray it on to your face each night as a toner.

Pros :

  • Inexpensive, only 80p per toner tab.
  • Works on more than one person.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Helps clear up spots.
Cons :

  • None!
All in all, definitely worth a try since they're only 80p each, so it's not really a waste of money if you feel it doesn't work.


  1. Next time I go into LUSH defiantly getting one of the tea tree toner tabs!! Coz I get quite a bit of acne (I'm 13)!! Also the te tree toner tab is now £1 at LUSH:) Is there any other good products for getting rid of acne that you have tried and tested?

    1. The coal face soap is good for acne! I purchased Dark Angels today and haven't used it yet, but the sales lady said she uses it and it has the same coal-type ingredients as coal face but she likes Dark Angels better than coal face. Dark angels is a cleanser but can be used as a mask, that is how I'm going to use it!

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