Saturday, 28 July 2012

I'm still here!

After posting everyday for nearly 2 weeks or so it may appear as if I have fell of the edge of the earth, but I'm still here! I've been working a lot this week, and whenever I come home I've been too tired to even turn my laptop on so I have loads of blogs to catch up on, so this is why you may have noticed an absence in my commenting and posting. I was actually in the middle of posting a book review a few days ago but I got interrupted and didn't get round to finishing it. It'll either be up very shortly, or else tomorrow, and I'm also going to prepare a few other posts for during the week. I posted a while ago a photograph of some new products that I wanted to review and asked you all what you wanted next and I'm just letting you know that they're coming! I wanted to give them all a proper chance before I form an opinion of them so just keep an eye out. Just a little update for you all!

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