Friday, 20 July 2012

Lush - Emotional Brilliance Launch/Review + Swatches

Hey everyone, if you follow my blog then you will know already that I mentioned last week that I was going to the launch of the Emotional Brilliance collection at Lush tonight, and as promised, I'm here straight away to do a review and let you all know what I thought.

Firstly, I thought it was pretty awesome how they had a little list to tick everyone off on entering, and you were greeted with a lovely goodie bag, and a raffle ticket (unfortunately I didn't win). As soon as you walked in, there was a table laiden with lots of lovely treats and drinks, which were really good to snack on when walking round.

Inside the goodie bag I found the following three products :

  • Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie (£15.95)
  • Dirty (£4.10)
  • Sultana of Soap (£3.35)

This totals to £23.40 which is very impressive and I'm so thankful to Lush for this! Now I have new products to review as I've never tried any of these before so I'm absolutely delighted.

The first table is the colour wheel table. It was explained that you close your eyes and let yourself into a place where you feel happy and relaxed, and the wheel is spun. Your eyes remain close for around ten seconds, and some fancy dry ice creates a mist over the wheel. You then pick the first three colours which you are immediately drawn to after it settles. The three colours I choose where definitely not one's I would normally go for at all, and I was very interested to find out their meaning.

The first colour you choose represents the one that currently represents your life, the second what your weakness or downfall is, and the third is how you go about changing your life.

My colours where Calm, Lifted and Dynamic.

Next, someone will take you over to the make up collection and show you the products which your moods have chosen for you. As much as I loved the colours that I had chosen, I had seen a few photographs online of people who had went to the press launch and had already fallen in love with all the pink lipglosses, and had to choose two of them instead!
I ended up buying Passionate and Charm.

Passionate is a gorgeous vibrant pink colour, and is highly pigmented and is very bold on the lips. Not a colour I've had before.
Charm is what I'm going to refer to as Barbie pink, and is exactly the same shade as OPI's Pink Friday. I always thought this colour wasn't one which I would like for my lips, as I have saw a similar shade in a MAC lipstick, but after trying it on I really loved it and ended up buying it.

The photograph on the left shows the two colours (Passionate on the left, Charm on the right), under a light, and the one on the right shows them using the flash on the camera. It was dark when I came home so I wasn't able to use any natural light! If you want to see more photographs, or how they look when on, just let me know!

I wanted to buy a third, but wasn't sure which colour to go for, and after already trying on 4 or 5 different lip colours, I felt the colour was getting stuck to my lips too much, even though they had remover to take them off, so I think I'll maybe go back in the next two weeks when I have time and get another one as there was some really pretty red colours too. I tried one on before leaving, and even after going for food after, the colour was still intact so I know these are definitely going to have good wear on them.

There was also a third table which had their mascara, liquid eyeliner, powder and skin tints, but I had came shortly after finishing work so I couldn't try the mascara and eyeliner, and I'd also just bought a new foundation which I had tested on me at the counter before going to Lush so I didn't get to try them either! However, I'll be back!

 All in all, a really fun night, and I was so glad to be invited to this event, and I hope they do another one soon as I had been looking forward to it all week and it didn't disappoint!


  1. I loved reading this! It seems so cool and most people find the color wheel a tad gimmicky I just think it draws me to the collection even more! Glad to hear you enjoyed the party and products! Sounds like you had fun! :D Can't wait to read you reviews!

    1. I loved the colour wheel! It was so much fun to find out all the meanings of the colours. I can't wait to buy more!

  2. they all look so fun! xx

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