Friday, 13 July 2012

Lush - Emotional Brilliance

I knew about this a few weeks ago, as I discovered the video on the US Lush website as I was doing some browsing. After a bit of research on other people's blogs I found out that this was the launch of Lush's make-up line. As a lover of both Lush, and make-up this was very exciting news for me and I'm super excited to try it all out!

You can watch the video with a super catchy song by clicking here. It doesn't give too much away of what exactly Emotional Brilliance is but I can tell you here. The way it works is that there is a colour wheel which you spin after closing your eyes for 10 seconds. Once you open them, you pick the first 3 colours which stand out in your mind. Each colour has a meaning which is supposed to reflect your current mood. You may find that you choose colours you wouldn't normally go for. I found this very different as I haven't heard of any make-up brand ever having products which show your mood.

The launch is next week on July 21st. I visited the store last week and was speaking to the sales assistants about it, who asked how I had even heard about it because it had been kept very quiet and they hadn't been allowed to tell anyone about it, so obviously I felt pretty pleased with myself for hearing about it before most other people. They told me I could put my name down for their VIP party the night before where they would have all the products available before they go on general release. This news just made my day and I'm so excited as it is a week from today, and I can't wait to go and get some new products as I've looked at people's blogs who went to the press release and some of the swatches look amazing.

I'll do a review with swatches of my purchases the night of the release so you can all have a look at them to see how you like them! Watch this space!


  1. omg u write a lot ;p
    sure ;) i wnat, im your new follower ;)

  2. Thank you so much for the comments on my blog! I did the Liebster award tag a couple of weeks ago here :) It's so nice to have such a positive response from someone who's blog you love as well!



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