Friday, 6 July 2012

OOTD - Shopping Trip

Just decided to do a little Outfit Of The Day to go with my earlier post. I was just shopping in town, not really a sunny day but this is what I wanted to wear.

Dress - Forever 21
Jacket - H&M
Sandals - Priceless Shoes
Necklace - Pacsun
Belt - H&M
Bag - See by Chloe
Nail polish - Fly by OPI


  1. Love the jacket! how much did you get it for from h&m 'cause i want one!
    new folower here! after seeing that you're a lush lover i just had to follow :D

    1. Thank you! Any lush lover is a friend of mine so I've followed you back! I got it in America and I think it was maybe 35 dollars, but I saw one in the store where I live that was slightly darker than this and it was only £18 which I think was very good!

    2. haha i know, any lush lover is like my best friend! i would love to work there :)
      £18 for a denim jacket...that's pretty good!


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