Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blogmas Day 11 - Unpractical New Shoes

I recently bought both these pairs of shoes, by accident. I was just waiting for my bus one day and thought I would call into Office and have a look at their boots as I've been needing a new pair of leather ones for Winter. I then wandered over to the sale section... bad idea.

If you've been a long term follower of my blog you may recognise the pair of wedges above. I already own them in nude (you can find this post here) and had been lusting after them for ages before I finally bought them. I paid £55 for them and by the time I realised just how much I loved them and should buy them in black, they were gone. However, luckily for me they were on sale, in my size, for £20! I snatched them up straight away unable to believe my luck. These are super comfy and go with so many outfits.

Another pair of shoes I've been wanting for a while, and again, disappeared when I went to buy them. These were the pair I spotted first in the shop and was super happy about. These cost me only £16, down from their original £32 so it was a complete bargain. I love pumps, bows and studs, so these were perfect for me, and you can never own too many pairs of black pumps!

Not too practical for our current weather, which is currently frosty and freezing, but I could wear the pumps  now if I really wanted too. The wedges however, will have to wait until the weather is warm. Regardless, I am completely happy with my two bargains and that's enough for me!

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  1. love both pairs but wow the wedges are just gorgeous! great bargain hunting :D xx


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