Sunday, 9 December 2012

Blogmas Day 9 - Favourite Christmas Films

I thought I'd do a little Christmas themed post today because Sunday is the day I always feel the most Christmassy in the week and I usually watch a film with my sisters. This has been cancelled this week however due to everyone wanting to watch The X Factor final instead (I'm not much of a fan this series).

1. The Grinch
This is my all time favourite Christmas film so it's going at the top of the list. I'm sure you've all seen this film already, and if you haven't, go watch it now, like, right now! It's such a festive film and Jim Carrey is hilarious in it.

2. Elf
Another favourite film, and you all must have seen it. This film makes me laugh so much and it's half the comedy value which is why I love it so much. Will Ferrell is one of my favourites actors though and I'll watch anything he's in. This is one of the most quotable Christmas films and my Facebook timeline is always swamped with quotes every time it's on TV.

3. Christmas With the Kranks
I usually use this film to kick off the festivities and get me in the mood. It's super Christmassy and is full of a lot of familiar faces. It's about a couple who decide to cancel Christmas that year and go on a cruise because their daughter is away. However, she decides to come back at the last minute and they have to rush around trying to pretend everything was normal. A perfect family film!

4. The Santa Clause (1,2 & 3)
I think the first film is my favourite out of them all, and I always really want the hot chocolate he has in it. It just looks so good! This is another film that's perfect to watch with the family. In case for some reason you haven't seen it, it stars Tim Allen who accidentally knocks Santa off the roof and has to put on the suit and fulfil his duties every Christmas.

5. Home Alone (1 & 2)
I should point out at this point that this list isn't any order, as Home Alone is definitely a lot closer to the top. I was very excited about this film this year as it's set in New York during the second film, and obviously I was there last month if you've been following my blog for a while. Despite the fact that I've seen both these films so many times, I still laugh the whole way through it and love the endings when he sets up all the traps.

6. Surviving Christmas
This was quite a new film for me as I only bought it last year when I spotted it in Cash Converters and thought I would give it a try. It's actually such a good comedy and I highly recommend it. It's about a millionaire who rents a family for the holidays if you haven't heard of it either.

7. Celebrate Christmas With Mickey
I know, I know, this is quite a childish film, but it's actually so good! It has a lot of older shorts in it, such as The Night Before Christmas from 1933. That's actually my favourite clip as for some reason it just makes me feel so Christmassy when I see it.

I actually have over 20 Christmas films in my collection so this is only a handful that I actually really love and must watch every year. What kind of films do you like to watch during the holidays? I love to hear of new ones!

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  1. Ahh I forgot The Santa Clause in my list! Love the first one! This is a good list :)


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