Friday, 14 December 2012

Blogmas Day 14 - Christmas Gift Guide For Her

I thought I'd do a little Christmas gift guide for everyone, for gifts to buy your friend, your girlfriend, your mum, your sister, any of the girls/women in your life. I'll try not to pick things that are too expensive so that there's a range to choose from, no matter what your price range. Since I have a range of followers from the UK and US, I'll also try to choose items from both so that one isn't left out.

The first item I'm going to choose is this jewellery holder that is from Paperchase. It's very cute, and is also available in purple. It has a little tray at the base to store loose jewellery in, such as earrings or rings.

Price : £6.00
Link : click me!

Another item from Paperchase (I love this store), a recipe binder. Perfect for any keen bakers who need somewhere to store all their recipes. It also contains stickers so you can label everything, and a dinner party planner.

Price : £13.75
Link : click me!

Everyone loves slippers, no matter what your age! These ones look super comfy and soft and are from Urban Outfitters. I personally love slipper boots as they look much more cosy than normal slippers. These ones have a fairisle print on them so they look nice and festive.

Price : £14.00 (normally £24.00)
Link : click me!


Another gift from Urban Outfitters, these beautiful photo frames. They come in black, white, lilac and blue. My personal favourites are the black and the white, but the other colours are nice too.

Price : £5.00
Link : click me!

A perfect present for any lover of beauty, the brand new Urban Decay Naked Basics palette. A present I would love to receive, or even buy myself as I'm very excited to ry it.

Price : $27.00/£20.00
Link : US or UK


This is exclusively from Sephora, so unfortunately none of my UK followers can buy this, and it's a great gift. This is the Lash Stash collection and contains 10 mascaras, eyelash primer, eyelash glue, and a set of false eyelashes. I bought this for myself on my recent trip, and I also bought it last year, and it lasted me all year so it'a a great find.

Price : $45.00
Link : click me!

You had to be expecting it, my Lush gift. I'm choosing only one, because I would happily suggest them all, but this is my favourite. This contains the products shown in the photograph, all which smell delicious. The UK receive the popcorn lip scrub however, and the US get bubblegum. I choose this as a present from my boyfriend for Christmas so I can't wait to get it!

Price : $39.95/£19.95
Link : US or UK

Hope you all liked my gift guide for her. Stay tuned for my christmas gift guide for him!

What did you think of my choice of gifts? Would you have preferred more expensive gifts to choose from? What are you buying the women in your life for the holidays this year? Let me know!

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