Monday, 17 December 2012

Blogmas Day 17 - Christmas Gift Guide For Him

As promised, here's my Christmas gift guide for him. I wrote one for her a few days ago, which you can find here. I struggle to find gifts for boys and men at Christmas time, girls are just so much easier to choose from!

I'll start with this fragrance sampler for him from Sephora. I love these and wish I lived in America to take full advantage of them. This gift set contains 12 miniature fragrances, plus a voucher to receive a full size version of your favourite scent. This is such a good idea and is great to try out new things you wouldn't normally consider. Link : click me! Price : $50

I'm choosing this as everyone loves to get DVDS and boxsets for Christmas so they can watch them during the holidays. This is my boyfriends favourite programme on TV and I know it's been quite popular so I'm putting this down as a suggestion! Link : click me! Price : £30

I thought this was quite a good idea for any men who have an iPhone. This is a wallet and phone cover in one so that you don't have to carry too much about. This is from urban outfitters and they have quite a lot of good gift ideas. Link : click me! Price : £18.00

For anyone that has a gamer boyfriend/brother/dad, these are a good present if they like to play games online. This allows them to interact with their friends and other players. These are the Turtle Beach ones, but there are other brands out there available. Link : click me! Price : £12.99
Another gift I found on the Urban Outfitters website and I think it's such a good idea for anyone who likes to have their coffee or tea in the morning. It's a thermal activated mug, and when you add a hot beverage, the characters appear. Link : click me! Price : £10

These lounge pants are available from George at Asda and come in a variety of styles. These are the Where's Wally ones, but they also have Spongebob Squarepants, Sesame Street, Family Guy and others. With the cold weather coming in these are a great idea to stay warm. Link : click me! Price : £10

Once again, just some cheap gifts, but I can do a higher priced gift guide if you'd like that. These are just some basic gift ideas that I think would suit a variety of people so I hope you all like them!

What kind of gifts have you bought the men in your life this year for the holidays?


  1. That phone case is amazing! I think I want that for myself, really! Haha, this is a great gift guide! I sort of want the men's cologne sampler pack for myself as I just love the way men's cologne smells, MMMM :D

  2. I feel like guys are SO hard to buy for other than the typical necessities (socks, sweat pants, pajama pants, etc.) that they always love and appreciate... I do agree though that Urban Outfitters has some GREAT alternative presents to get them; that PacMan mug looks amazing!! :)



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