Monday, 24 December 2012

Blogmas Day 24 - Christmas/Holiday Inspired Nails

I debated what to do with my nails for a while. I knew I wanted to have something quite festive, but really couldn't decide what. I also didn't want too much detail in it, and wanted something fairly simple. I had originally thought of doing my nails either red or green doing little holiday bobbles across them, but in the end, I decided upon candy canes.

Very easy to do. I applied just one layer of  Essie's Jag-u-are nail polish, one of my favourites. I then let this dry and took my white Sally Hansen  nail polish that I have from a french manicure set. I started from the bottom of my ring finger nail and very carefully done a thin diagonal stripe. I then repeated this another two times on that nail, and moved to the same finger on the other hand.

I wasn't sure whether to do only the one nail, or do the rest the same, but in a different direction, but I loved how simple and clean this looked so I decided to leave it as it is.

Have you done any holiday inspired nails? If so, link me to your blog and let me see!

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